About Us

Our mission is to foster awareness and motivation for ecological restoration and responsibility in the Moab area to reestablish native vegetation for the benefit of wildlife, recreation and a sustainable watershed. We do this by providing support and organization for collaborative projects that include local youth, volunteers, service organizations, and businesses.

Some of Our Goals:

1. To remove invasive exotic species such a Russian olive, tamarisk and Siberian elm from public river corridors, riparian and recreational areas and to encourage invasive exotics removal on private land.

2. To encourage a community service ethic and a land ethic amongst youth and residents in the Moab community and increase public awareness of restoration needs.
3. To build partnerships with land owners, Moab residents, non-profits, land management and social service agencies to help further each respective agencies’ missions.

4. To provide social and restoration services that fulfill unmet needs in the community.

5. To coordinate and implement demonstration control projects on public land in Moab.

6. Monitor and document most effective and efficient control methods in order to increase our own and industry knowledge and understanding of mechanical control of noxious weeds.

Long term Objectives

1. To evaluate ecological and human community benefits and efficiency of RRR programs.

2. To organize and implement biological monitoring of restoration sites.

3. To participate in the research and development of innovative uses for material byproducts of exotic invasive vegetation removal.

4. To educate and disseminate information concerning exotic, invasive plant species and native plant communities culture and establishment through presentations and brochures, etc.

5. To participate in the creation and utilization of a native plant and seed nursery to supply revegetation efforts and promote invasive exotic tree removal.

6. To develop an internship program that trains workers in exotic invasive removal, revegetation, operation of a not for profit company and other job skills.

7. To explore and assess the possibility of becoming a membership organization.