Rim to Rim Restoration (RRR) is a non-profit in Moab, Utah dedicated to the reestablishment of native vegetation for the benefit of wildlife, recreation opportunities and to support maintaining sustainable watersheds in the Upper Colorado Plateau.  Rim to Rim helps build community and facilitate regeneration of native plants through collaboration with local land managers, government agencies, non-profit organizations and community members on projects focused on improving conditions in high use areas in SE Utah and learning from the plants we grow for these projects.


To foster awareness and motivation for ecological restoration and responsibility in the Moab area to reestablish native vegetation for the benefit of wildlife, recreation and a sustainable watershed.


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E: info@reveg.org

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Every Earth Day and at the end of October there is an open house at Mayberry, usually including a planting opportunity, food and drink, kites (if the wind is right) and possibly live music!  Stay tuned for updates or contact us at info@reveg.org for more information