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Our Programs

Rim to Rim believes that collaboration is essential to meet restoration goals in the Upper Colorado Plateau, especially in the riparian areas that connect so many of us.

Our Projects and Programs reflect that ethic.

RRR staff have been involved with work along Mill and Pack creeks in Moab and Spanish Valley since before our inception and we have done work from the headwaters to the Colorado River.

Rim to Rim is actively converting the Mayberry Peach orchard into the Mayberry Native Plant Propagation Center at MM 15.5 along the River.  The Propagation Center has partnered with USGS, NPS, BLM and private land owners to develop native plant materials for revegetation purposes.  It is also a research location along the River.

Rim to Rim also works with various land management agencies (BLM, FFSL and private land owners) along the Colorado River and in its many side drainages to control invasive plant species, mitigate recreation impacts and improve native plant communities.  The SE Utah Riparian Partnership was established in 2006 to ensure collaboration across administrative boundaries.  RRR helps facilitate its efforts through organizing semi annual meetings and managing group projects in the region.

Rim to Rim assesses our work effectiveness through various monitoring programs and the Mayberry Native Plant Propagation Center hosts research projects.