Mayberry Native Plant Propagation Center (Mayberry) is a project of Rim to Rim Restoration with the purpose of testing and propagating upper Colorado Plateau sourced native plant seeds and containerized stock for regional restoration efforts on public and private lands.  The Propagation Center is located 16 miles NE of Moab on a 30 acre parcel of land along the Colorado River.

Native Plant Materials Centers are operated by the Natural Resources Conservation Service area located throughout the United States to test, grow and distribute plant materials that are regionally appropriate.  The Upper Colorado Plateau lies within the boundaries of three NRCS plant material centers: Aberdeen, Meeker, and Los Lunas. Since the Upper Colorado Plateau lies on the outer edges of the areas served by all of these Centers, plant materials sourced from the Colorado Plateau are not the primary responsibility of any of these centers.  Mayberry seeks to fill a critical gap in the growing need for regionally sourced plant materials for plant regeneration efforts on public and private land in the Upper Colorado Plateau. 

Photos from 2013 and 2018 of the shrub and tree seed production areas