Mission & Evolution

The Southeast Utah Riparian Partnership is committed to supporting, informing, and advocating for the restoration, protection, and maintenance of healthy riparian ecosystems in Utah's Colorado River Watershed.   The group began meeting in 2006 and created their first plan in 2007.  

The group meets 2 times a year to share information, plan collaborative projects and review project progress.


  • Work to understand the effects of biocontrol and other project activities on riparian ecosystems.

  • Act as a public resource for understanding ecological processes and fostering stewardship.

  • Coordinate projects involving multiple collaborating agencies.

  • Promote resilient native ecosystems.

  • Mitigate the negative impacts of recreation on project sites.

  • Integrate visitor experience into projects when appropriate.



2020 Meetings

Meetings on January 21 and October 8 reviewed Colorado River Project 3 and 4 projects, and the new Survey 123 that will link to our group database of project sites.


The group met one time in 2019 on June 26th focused on partner projects and ideas like branded wag bags to address a growing problem with poop.


Two full partnership meetings (March 14 and November 27) and a Facilitated Strategic Planning meeting on June 18th clarified our focus on collaborative tools for partnership projects over a static plan document 


Our group meetings on April 17th & November 1st focused on the Rassmussen database access and the assorted projects collaborators have, including the Colorado River Cross Watershed Restoration Project


Our full group meeting on Dec 8 discussed how recreation has become a critical component of all restoration planning in our area.  Support from RiversEdge West with Restore our Rivers Funding  focused increased efforts for collaboration.


We will include a summary of work done in this period


We will include a summary of work done in this period

2005 - 2007

We will include a summary of work done in this period including links to the BLM work, beetle release information and the 2007 SE Utah Tamarisk Partnership Plan